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In 2022, Cove Creek had the distinct privilege of showcasing all overseas American cemeteries (26) for the American Battle Monuments Commissions. This project was commissioned as part of the 100 year ABMC anniversary, serving as both historical preservation and educational content.

An ambitious project scope

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In addition the 26 cemeteries, Cove Creek captured the four ABMC memorials in the United States- Honolulu Memorial, East Coast Memorial (San Francisco), West Coast Memorial (New York), and the newly constructed World War 1 Memorial adjacent to the White House.

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The project took a year to complete, spanning over 150 shooting days, and adhering an extensive post-production schedule. Cove Creek planned all global logistics and shooting schedules, with the help of the great staff at ABMC.

Cove Creek adeptly managed logistical challenges, accommodating visitor hours, aligning with grounds crew schedules, and navigating construction obstacles, all while upholding a commitment to producing a high-quality product with minimal disruption.

Cove Creek continues its work with ABMC, providing a robust content management system, which allows ABMC employees to keep their 30 tours updated with new digital assets.

All virtual tours can be viewed on ABMC’s website. In addition to the digital tours, select images have been used in print applications, including the recent joint publication from the Smithsonian and ABMC


Time will not dim the glory of their deeds.

General John Pershing

We invite you to explore these historically significant sites, and learn more about the great sacrifices made by the previous generations.

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