Cove Creek vs. YouVisit

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Unmatched Quality

Cove Creek is focused on creating the highest quality tour to showcase your school.

Attention to detail

All aspects of production are finely tuned. Our owner is onsite for every project, ensuring every detail is noticed.

Custom Development

Your school will look unique, not the cookie cutter look of other schools. We integrate your brand to your tour.

No clunkiness

Our tours have a clean look and are easy to navigate.


Our tours are considerably cheaper than YouVisit, while exceeding quality. We are able to do this by keeping overhead low.

VR Ready

There’s no additional cost for virtual reality, and our hosting prices are low.

The YouVisit Alternative

We are committed to delivering the very best in virtual reality. We are confident in our ability to showcase your school to its full potential.

Connect with us

  • Contact: Brad Magill
  • Text or Call: 615.739.4583

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